National Rent-to-Own Marketing Company

Central File Inc. has over 30 Years of Rent-to-Own Marketing Success

In-House Mail Marketing SpecialistsDan Chaudoir began his career working in the rent-to-own industry in 1979. He quickly recognized the rising demand for effective direct mail marketing. Tired of the general mass mailings which were not effective at converting customers, Dan began his own rent-to-own marketing company.

He recruited fellow rent-to-own veterans Al Benson and Paul Gibbons to join his team. Utilizing their years of experience and knowledge of the rent-to-own industry, they began developing and producing effective direct mail marketing campaigns.

The Central File team now consists of a highly experienced team of graphic designers, IT specialists and marketing authorities who work with you to design and implement an effective marketing plan, resulting in high customer conversion and retention rates. Our exclusive TracBac system allows us to show you your real return on investment. Our skilled team of marketing professionals will ensure your campaign is successful. After each campaign, our marketing team provides you with a detailed report, highlighting what worked and where your marketing dollars were put to good use, resulting in new deliveries. UnlikMail List Securitye other rent-to-own marketing companies, Central File produces tangible results.

Industry Leading Security

In addition to measurable returns on your investment, Central File boasts a state-of-the-art security system. We have invested in the best, most secure data security measures, exceeding encryption standards of any other full service direct marketing company in the nation, meeting Department of Defense standards. We take extraordinary measures, protecting all sensitive information. You can rest assured all information is safety stored behind our impenetrable security measures.

Exceptional Rent-to-Own Insider Knowledge

Central File has extensive insight into the rent-to-own industry. This unique insider knowledge gives our clients a distinct edge over the competition. Central File is a nationally recognized company, with a continually expanding reach. Rely on our marketing team to execute a successful direct mail campaign; we will increase sales in your store and boost customer retention rates.

Contact the direct mailing service professionals at Central File Inc. today to increase sales.