Is Direct Mail Advertising Still Relevant?

How to Avoid the Stigma of “Junk Mail”

Relevant Mailers

Many customers see advertising mail and tend to disregard it. Typically, this is the result of poorly planned target marketing by other companies. By doing improper research of the target market, many flyers and direct mail marketing campaigns head south, with no measurable ROI. Sending your content to people who don’t need your particular services is a waste of your marketing dollars and the consumer’s time. Central File takes care of this for you. We take the time needed to produce quality mailing lists, and target only those interested in the rent-to-own option.

Direct Mail Marketing, Keep your Company Relevant

Our Central File Marketing team has extensive experience working in the rent-to-own business. We use our knowledge of the industry to create top quality direct mail marketing campaigns which target renters. We keep your rent-to-own company relevant in the minds of potential consumers, by sending out flyers and following up after each campaign. By creating quality, attention grabbing content, you can be sure customers will take the time to read any material they receive. When the time comes to rent, they’ll remember your company, turning into valuable, long-term customers. Let Central File help get you measurable results with quality direct mail marketing content.

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