Direct Mail Marketing for Rent-to-Own Companies

Central File Provides Experienced Mail Marketing Service

Central File has been producing results for rent-to-own companies for decades. Our focus is solely on rent-to-own companies, not like other marketing companies who try to cover numerous services with the same tactics. Our direct mailers get results you can see, with an in depth report detailing the success of your most recent campaign. You will be able to see how much profit your company generated after using our services.

Rent-to-Own Marketing Campaigns

Companies waste money by doing improperly researched, mass direct mailing campaigns. Central File offers superior marketing techniques and utilizes our insider knowledge of the rent-to-own industry to create targeted campaigns which will increase new deliveries. With our TracBac program, we provide you with detailed reports Rent-to-Own Furnitureon how many customers responded to the mailers, breaking down the exact return on investment your company gained through our services.

Central File creates a complete targeted campaign, which consistently produces the highest return on investment possible from direct mailers. We can highlight the specialty product of the month in a bright, attention grabbing flyer, while you can rest assured your information is safe and confidential in our secure servers. A professional IT software company, is hired to evaluate and test our security systems to see if there are any areas which need improvement. These are just a few of the many measures taken to provide unmatched service on every front.

Every step, from graphic design to mailer delivery, are done in-house. This processes creates a cost effective direct mail marketing service best suited for you. Our staff monitors where the sale leads come from, which marketing campaign is sent where and the customer’s past renting habits. The on-going collection of information allows our direct mailing experts to constantly improve your ROI. Plain and simple, our goal is to increase the amount of new deliveries your rent-to-own company has.

Appliance and Furniture Renting

Renting household items is on the rise. Whether you need extra furniture for an upcoming celebration, get-together, or have family coming into town, renting is the most cost effective solution. Simply pay for it only while you need it, and then return it when you’re done. No long term contracts and no debt acquired. If your credit score doesn’t let you buy, or just need a short term furniture or appliance solution, renting is the perfect option.

Start your direct mailing rent-to-own campaign today with Central File to create an unmatched return on investment.
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