Direct Mail Marketing Response and Open Rates

Effective Mail Marketing Strategies

Direct mail marketing has proven higher response rates for a variety of reasons.  The quality of data and the ability to target mail more effectively are factors which produce real results. The quality of response rate for direct mail marketing foresees direct mail to be a continuous, effective marketing campaign strategy.   

Response Rates Evolve with Technology

To continue increasing your response rates, evolving with technology is crucial. By utilizing the newest software programs along with updated mailing lists, Central File Marketing is able to provide clients an opportunity to get ahead of the competition and a chance to be a better provider for their customers.

Direct Mail Marketing Strategies which Transpire High Response Rates

  • Copy with great headlines - headlines are what capture your audience, make sure they are great
  • Presentation and appearance - we provide the most compelling/marketable layout which best showcases your message and products
  • Time of year - researching and determining when your consumers are highly likely to buy will increase your ROI
  • Sequential mailers - an average of 3 mailers per campaign is recommended

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

  • Trackable
  • Inexpensive when compared to other marketing strategies
  • Easily measurable

Tips to Increase your Direct Mail Open Rates

  1. Maximize the perceived value of your direct mail - whether it’s the bulkiness, flashiness or value of your mail piece by adding perceived value especially if the added value is shown through the envelope window (e.g. magnet or sticker) will enhance your image and create a more valuable piece of mail. Speak to your target market. Know and understand your clientele’s needs and wants.
  2. Mimic the look and feel of traditional mail - try to make your direct mail piece look like an ordinary piece of mail, these types of direct mailers have the highest open rates (i.e. using handwriting-style fonts-this personal conformity appeals to a consumer promoting them to open the mail).
  3. Exude brand awareness - if your business already has a previous relationship with your target don’t disguise it. Leveraging brand awareness increases recognition and open rates.
  4. Predominately market what you are offering - the back of the envelope is a good place to market your offers.
  5. Avoid getting tossed into the “junk pile” - including another window or by adding marketing strategy (tempting copy or graphics) will entice your consumer to open your mailer (e.g. include a “teaser” but don’t fully reveal the message found on the inside).

Whether it’s your first direct mail campaign or your twentieth, Central File Marketing will work with you from conception to tracking your campaign’s success rate.  We provide the rent-to-own industry with effective comprehensive direct mailing solutions which lead to successful deliveries ad loyal consumers.

Contact the nationwide direct mail specialists to begin a new and effective marketing campaign today.
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