Proven Direct Mail Marketing Success

Central File knows the Value and Effectiveness of Mailers

Many people assume direct mail marketing is dead and no longer effective. Recent studies have shown this is entirely untrue. E-mail blasts are quickly deleted, usually Effective Direct Mail Marketingwithout ever being opened. However, everyone still checks their mailbox.

Central File’s team of marketing and graphic design professionals create effective mailers, which resonate with your customers. We target only those who are most likely to rent today, doing careful research which consistently results in increased new deliveries. From initial conception of an idea through printing and mailer delivery, our team works with you through every step of the process.

Everything is done in-house, which leads to a lower cost-per-mailer. We pass these savings on to our clients, providing you with a complete turnkey marketing package at affordable prices. Our high quality mailers are sure to grab the attention of your customers. Our industry leading tracking technology allows us to precisely follow up and measure your return on investment. Begin your successful new marketing campaign and deliveries increase with the help of Central File Marketing.

Contact the direct mail marketing professionals for a successful rent-to-own campaign today.