Custom Marketing Solutions for the Rent-to-Own Industry

Direct Mail Marketing Resulting in Customer Retention

Custom Mailer Design

Partnering with Central File is an investment in your company’s future. Our team of in-house graphic designers and marketing experts will work with you to create a customized marketing plan which results in a strong mailing list and perfectly targeted campaigns. Central File Marketing has unique insider knowledge of the rent-to-own industry which helps us create a direct mail marketing campaign targeting customers who are most likely to rent today. This leads to successful results and a lower cost per delivery compared to traditional direct mail efforts.

Coupled with our state of the art printing facilities which are all located on-site you can rest assured your marketing dollars aren’t wasted. Your mailers will be delivered on time, within your marketing budget. We provide a complete solution, handling every aspect of your direct mail campaign. You won’t have to worry about your marketing efforts – allowing you to focus on successfully running your day to day operations. For a successful direct mail marketing campaign, rely on the experts at Central File.

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