Custom Marketing Designs for the Rent-to-Own Industry

Compelling Direct Mail Marketing

Custom Direct Mail Marketing DesignCentral File Marketing has an entire team of in-house graphic design specialists who have experience working in the rent-to-own industry. We can work with you to create a brand new marketing campaign, or we have the experience and capabilities necessary to use your existing designs. We use effective and creative designs, which are designed to target rent-to-own customers.  We create unique and captivating marketing platforms which result in more deliveries and happy customers.

Direct mail marketing is an effective way to reach rent-to-own customers. Mass e-mail blasts are ineffective and are hardly ever opened, whereas 98% of people check their mail boxes daily. A direct mailer is a more personalized way to reach your targeted audience, while beginning to build a relationship which leads to customers becoming lifetime renters. We work with you to create insightful messages, which will resonate with your customers – strengthening your relationship, turning them into long-term renters. Central File Marketing offers the complete package, leading to more deliveries.

Contact the direct mail design professionals at Central File today for marketing campaign unique to you.