Precision Target Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing Targeting Rent-to-Own Customers

In-house mailer designers

Central File Marketing understands the importance of targeting consumers who are most likely to rent today. We use comprehensive list appending and data segmentation to target new customers who are most likely to rent from you. In addition to gaining new customers, we also target past customers who are likely to rent again. This guarantees successful results, leading to a lower cost per delivery compared with traditional direct mail efforts. We tailor each piece to target your ideal audience. Our team of in-house graphic designers and marketing professionals will give potential customers all the information they need in an engaging, useful mailer.

Direct mail marketing from Central File consistently produces high return on investment, thanks to our precise targeting efforts and exclusive TracBac technology. We also follow up with your store to ensure your marketing dollars are being put to good use. For a marketing campaign which actually produces measurable results, rely on the rent-to-own experts at Central File.

Contact us for rent-to-own target marketing which works, increasing profits and new deliveries.