Rent-to-Own Products

Central File Marketing Helps Customers See Your Value

Central File has the expertise to create a design which will highlight the values you have to offer. We are happy to market monthly specials and available lease options in a beautifully designed mailer. Our repeated campaigns will also show your customers you value them, something many customers may be unaware of.  Using Central File Marketing’s services, we provide your customers with an effective mailer, presenting them with all the necessary information needed to make an informed decision about which product is right for them. By using compelling and engaging content, our marketing efforts focus on clearly directing consumers how to begin renting from your store.

Rent-to-Own Living Room SetOur marketing team targets only those customers who are ready and financially able to rent from you today. Using advanced software, we are able to consistently update mailing lists, targeting customers when they’re most likely to rent. Our exclusive TracBac technology uses sales data to precisely measure the success of each rent-to-own marketing campaign. While traditional marketing firms only measure how many potential customers were reached, Central File continues to track the data and provides you with a detailed report.

Each mailer can prominently feature hot products, such as a high-tech laptop or comfortable mattress, interacting with customers and drawing them into your store. Our marketing expertise covers all your bases, from single and multi-component mailers to bright brochures or attention grabbing post cards. Highlight your best selling products and increase deliveries with Central File.

Contact the rent-to-own marketing professionals at Central File for a complete mailer solution today.