Impenetrable Data Security Measures

Cutting Edge Security features Ensure your Information is Protected

Central File takes data protection very seriously. We have invested thousands of dollars installing, maintaining and testing our security systems. From the heavily encrypted sensitive data servers to our Secure Data Center's bullet-proof glass windows, everything is secure. Our security measures feature:

Military Grade Firewall System

Hackers are unable to get past our firewalls. We retain Sword and Shield, a world-class data security company, to continually assess our security measures. They attempt to penetrate our firewalls from outside and inside the facilities and have been unsuccessful. From their analysis:

“The results of this assessment show that Central File takes security very seriously. Specifically, the tested systems demonstrate a very robust security posture. The Central File network and systems demonstrate the kind of mature security posture that can only be achieved through years of diligence. Sword & Shield was unable to use any vulnerabilities to penetrate the Central File network”.

Restricted Access to Customer Information

Within Central File’s facilities, only a select few employees ever get access to customer data, it’s strictly on a need to know basis. Any employees who do have access toIT Specialist Providing High Quality Security customer data are subject to regular background checks.

World-Class Break-In Protection

The entire perimeter of Central File is protected by quality alarm systems, and a key control system. It’s virtually impossible to duplicate a key for entry into our premises. In addition to our exterior security measures, the servers which contain sensitive data are located in our Secure Data Center with no exterior windows to the outside of the building. All interior Secure Data Center windows are constructed from bullet-proof glass. The doors are made of heavy steel which can only be opened through a biometric entry system.

Central File Marketing has the best, most comprehensive security system in the direct mail marketing industry, meeting Department of Defense standards. While other marketing companies still use outdated security measures, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring your information is protected. Grow your business, increase new deliveries and retain existing rent-to-own customers by putting your trust in Central File Marketing.

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