Profitable Return on Investment

Central File’s Exclusive TracBac Technology gives you Real ROI Results

Investing in a direct mail marketing campaign is a sound investment. Many other direct mail marketing companies can only tell you how many pieces were mailed out. Direct Mail Marketing That Works
Our competitors do not even mention or show how many of those pieces reached potential customers or turned into deliveries. Central File Marketing is different. We believe after you invest in a direct mail marketing campaign, you should be able to track your results in terms of actual new deliveries, not pieces mailed.

We have developed a unique technology, TracBac, which uses sales data to precisely measure the success of each rent-to-own marketing campaign. While traditional marketing firms only measure how many potential customers were reached Central File continues to track the data and provides you with a comprehensive report. In our reports, we detail exactly how many deliveries resulted from each mailing and what your marketing investment was per sale.

Central File – Profitable Marketing

Since 1992, Central File has been leading the way in direct mail marketing services for the rent-to-own industry. We consistently produce profitable marketing campaigns, with concrete proof of what is working. Track new deliveries and target your ideal rent-to-own customers at peak buying times. Let us put our experience in the rent-to-own industry to work for you.

Contact our direct mail marketing team to begin tracking your return on investment with Central File.