Nationwide Marketing Success

Effective Marketing Solutions for Rent-to-Own Businesses Across the Country

National Marketing ServicesCentral File Marketing has been helping rent-to-own businesses across the country increase deliveries with the use of effective direct mail marketing. We target only those customers most likely to rent today, who have positive past renting histories. Our entire process is focused on increasing foot traffic into your store, by creating engaging and compelling mailers which resonate with your prime target market. Our exclusive TracBac technology provides you with tangible results of where you marketing dollars went.

Our years of combined experience working in the rent-to-own industry provides an unsurpassed insight into the most effective ways to reach your customers. With our in-house team of marketing and graphic designers, we are able to enhance your existing marketing efforts. We can also completely re-brand your store – creating an effective, cohesive marketing platform. Begin increasing your profits today with the help of the rent-to-own specialists at Central File.

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