Successful Rent-to-Own Marketing

Central File has over 20 Years of Rent-to-Own Marketing Success

Increase New Deliveries

Central File takes a new approach to direct mail marketing campaigns. All our rent-to-own marketing campaigns consistently outperform the competition. Our extensive knowledge of the rent-to-own industry gives us an edge. We know how and when to target the ideal audience, increasing foot traffic to your business resulting in profitable new deliveries. When you work with Central File Marketing, our team produces results you can literally see on paper with our customized TracBac report. Most importantly, when you partner with the talent team of marketing design professionals you’ll get results you can see in your bottom line.  

“From the very first mailing, we knew we made the right choice in working with Central File.  For the first time, not only did we have deliveries resulting from our marketing efforts, we were able to track the sales and measure the effectiveness of the campaign.”

We understand the unique characteristics of the Rent-to-Own industry – both the advantages and the challenges it presents. Our industry specific experience pays off in the form of successful deliveries and retained, loyal customers. We work with you to create a customized, profitable marketing plan.

Contact the direct mail advertising professionals at Central File today to begin increasing new deliveries with an effective marketing platform.